electricianWhen looking to hire an electrician for some electrical work to be done in your home, you would, of course, want to find the best. You would want an electrician that is trusted, reliable, and safe. How do you go about making this determination? Below are some tips and guidelines to observe when looking for the best electrician that can help you.

  • Ask the people you trust for their recommendations

You may not be able to determine at the outset whether or not an electrician is someone you can trust, so the next best thing is to ask the people whom you do trust, like friends and family,  for their recommendations of electricians you can turn to. Chances are, they will only recommend electricians with whom they have had a good experience.

Just make sure that the details of your project are similar to the work they have done for others. Ask about how the process went, how quickly it was finished, and how good the results were. Doing this not only assures you that the person you are hiring is qualified and good at his work, but you will also have a better idea of what to expect.

Be sure to ask how smoothly the process went, how efficiently the electrician worked, and how well the electrician discussed things with you. And last but not the least, ask about how much the electrician charged for his services, and what the total cost was, to make sure that you will be able to keep within your budget.

  • Look for reviews of third parties and recommendations by local contractors, builders, and developers

If your circle of family and friends has not been able to provide you with good leads on electricians you may hire, you may want to expand your search to published reviews, or you can ask for recommendations from local contractors.

A word of warning is necessary, however, regarding online reviews. They may not always be trustworthy, and may, in fact, be published as part of an electrical contractor’s business advertising rather than as an objective third-party review. You may consider posting a question on online forums or boards, too. You will usually be able to generate a good variety of real-time responses. The best thing about doing things this way is that you can ask specifics about your type of work and any concerns you may have, of people in or near your location. There are plenty of helpful netizens out there who will be willing to take a moment to answer your question and make recommendations.

Another good way of finding trusted and reliable contractors is to ask local contractors, builders, and developers. They are good persons to ask because they deal with electricians in the regular course of their business, and like you, they are just as interested in reliable, trusted, safe, and efficient electrician service for a reasonable rate. If you want an electrician to do some residential work at your home, you may want to ask a contractor engaged in the construction of residential homes, for instance. Who do they turn to small jobs, for instance, like instant repairs or the like? Perhaps they can give you a list of electricians they consider reliable and with sufficient expertise for the type of electrical work you need.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions and to verify all information

To begin with, you will want an electrician who is licensed and insured. Don’t be afraid of asking to look at copies of these documents just to satisfy yourself that everything is in order. If you do hire them, make sure that they were able to get the necessary permit to do the job.

You will also want to make sure that the person you hire has extensive experience in the same type of electrical work you will be asking him to do. Electricians usually have different specializations, and the more specialized the work, the more careful you should be in inquiring about his previous experience in similar types of work. Feel free to ask for references and to call those references before deciding on who to hire.