outdoor lightsThese days, electricity is a necessity. We are dependent on it for light, as well as energy for all our many different electrical types of equipment, gadgets, and devices. Lights, computers, phones, air conditioners, heaters, television, DVD players, even cars, and motorbikes – it seems like everything these days needs electricity. You would think that anybody who chooses to hold an event outdoors is doing so because they wish to enjoy the freedom of the great outdoors, but even then, and especially for big events, electricity is still a number one priority.

Outdoor events may include concerts, weddings, and other kinds of parties. We also have outdoor open theaters, outdoor cafes and restaurants, and even outdoor festivals. Electricity is central to all these outdoor events and projects.

At a basic level, any event or outdoor setting needs sufficient light. This can be something as simple as lamps spread throughout the area, to Christmas lights hanging from trees and fences to light up the outdoors. Something as simple as the electrical installation for outdoor lights will already require the services of an electrician. And this is especially true because you will need to make sure that the electrical installations and wiring is safe, especially when you consider the number of people who may be passing through and across the wiring and electrical setup outdoors. Safety is of paramount concern, and an electrician will know how to minimize the dangers of providing outdoor electrical power where wiring and electrical equipment will be exposed to passing people, unfavorable weather, or the passage of other heavy equipment like cars and vehicles.

A great lighting system may be sufficient for some establishments like cafes and restaurants, but many will also require a sufficient audio system. This can be something as simple as speakers for outdoor music, or something more complicated as a sound system where people can speak and make announcements, or where several individuals with their various musical instruments can perform in concert for an audience of thousands. From simple to complex, the setup of sound systems, just like light installations, require the services of an electrician.

Setting up an electrical system to power up light and sound system outdoors does present unique challenges. For one thing, there is the problem of a power supply. Unless you have easy access to a hardwired electrical source, some professional installation will be required, whether for outdoor generators or extended electrical and power sockets. An electrician will be able to take into consideration the demands of all the electrical equipment that will require electricity – musical instruments, lighting systems, lamps, speakers, etc., and the wattage that all of it will require. When you also consider how long the event is supposed to last, an electrician will be able to determine just how much power the event will be needing, and then be able to provide the solution for this power demand to be met.

Of course, another unique challenge to an electrician designing an electrical system for an outdoor project or event is the terrain of the area and the natural weather phenomena that are expected. Are you having your event near the beach and over a sandy area, for instance? Or will it be in a garden located in the midst of rolling hills and uneven terrain? Or perhaps you are expecting rain and heavy winds during the outdoor event? Regardless, an electrician will make sure that all safety precautions are taken, while at the same time ensuring that all electrical equipment is set up and are functioning properly and that your outdoor event or project will go off without a hitch.