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Emergency Electrician

Do you need help from a qualified electrician in Atlanta GA? We’re here for you at all hours and on any day of the week. If you have an electrical emergency, we'll fix it, regardless of the hour.

Residential & Commercial

When you need a commercial electrical contractor or someone to help you with your domestic electricity supply, we have the skills, reputation and qualifications you need.

Remodeling Services

Are you upgrading your home? You will need to have light fittings changed, plug sockets moved and wiring laid on. We can get the job done. You can rely on us.

We Provide These Services:

  • Electrical construction services

  • Remodeling

  • Appliance, phone and data wiring

  • Safety/code inspections

  • ....and much more!

  • 24/7 Emergency Electrical Services

  • Lighting and wiring

  • Appliance, phone and data wiring

  • Safety/code inspections

  • ....and much more!

We Are Your Preferred Electrician

In today’s world, we all need electricity, and we expect it to be convenient and in top-notch working order all the time. But that isn’t always the case. In addition, we might want to make changes to our homes or businesses that will affect electrical installations, or we might have a new building that needs to get lights, plug points and all the wiring that goes with it. Of course, there are also failures, and when it’s our homes that are affected, it invariably seems to happen just when we need electricity most.

Here are some of the reasons why we earned the trust of Atlanta’s locals:

  • We service Atlanta and environs,  providing unequalled residential, commercial and industrial electrical services.
  • We use the latest technologies and the latest electrical techniques. All of our many years in the game allow us to offer a comprehensive repair and maintenance service.
  • Our company is ready to service you regardless of the time of day or night, and even on public holidays, to your residence or business.
  • Our electricians have been providing a reliable and efficient electrical service for many years, and have rightly earned a reputation for being honest and professional.
  • Our employees are professional electricians who are fully qualified and fully insured.
  • Our certified and professional electricians arrive in a full equipped vehicle with everything they need to get your electrical hassles sorted out in record time.
  • No job is beyond us, and we undertake each project with the same thoroughness and expertise. Our smallest clients will get the same level of service as our biggest ones
  • Before we start the job we will give you a quote free of charge that will have a complete list of all the problems that need to be remedied and materials needed.
  • No hidden charges. Sometimes, we do pick up extra issues once we start working. If this happens, we will inform you right away and adjust our estimate accordingly for your approval. We won’t just present you with a bigger bill and make an excuse.


How To Select A Reliable Electrician ?

We could just say “choose us” when you need local electricians, but what are the points that make us stand out above other electrical contractors? If you’d like to shop around, these are the points to look out for:

We are fully licensed

All too often, a handyman with a backyard operation will set himself up as an electrician. At first, his price may seem very good, but his unprofessional work could end up costing you a lot of money, and if he has an accident on your property, you could end up being sued!

Always check whether a contractor has fully trained, qualified staff with all the insurance you need for peace of mind.

Apart from just having a license, certain types of work require a special license. For example, if you have a business that uses high voltage current, a domestic electrician isn’t for you.

Great third party references and testimonials

We’ll let you in on a dirty little secret: a lot of businesses fake the testimonials on their websites or get a friend to write them. A quick online search is usually enough to uncover genuine reviews from people who have used the services of a contractor. Feel free to take a look around. We’re confident that all our clients have been satisfied.

Check estimates carefully

If a contractor just offers you a price for the job without providing any itemized listings, that’s a red flag you should worry about. As for verbal estimates, they are an absolute no-no. Be sure you get a detailed quote with every item listed.

That way, you know what your money is being used for and have documentary evidence of an agreement between yourself and the contractor that fixes the price. You should also take a close look at all the fine print to be sure he can’t back out and change the cost without informing you.

Beware of companies offering extra-cheap prices. If they need to work for a very low price in order to get customers, they are probably not very good at what they do.

We believe that our pricing strikes a middle road, we keep prices as reasonable as they can be without cutting corners.

Qualifications and Experience

You don’t want to do business with a company that hasn’t been around the block a few times. Inexperience is bad enough, but when there is a lack of qualifications, that could be positively unsafe. Find out whether the company knows its stuff, can show proof of its credentials and only uses qualified electricians.

We’re proud of our staff, and we only choose electricians with all the qualifications and experience they need to help our clients and maintain our good reputation in the Atlanta area.

Appearance, Attitude and Communication

A company that works in a professional way will not send you grumpy workers with scruffy clothes and clapped-out vehicles. As for people making you wait or failing to show up when they are supposed to be checking out your work prior to preparing estimates, you don’t want anything to do with them! If they can’t be reliable form the start, they won’t be reliable at the finish.

Our staff knows that customer service is as important as getting the task done, and they treat our clients with the respect they deserve.

Local Electrician You Can Trust


Homeowners have many different needs. They could be looking at outdoor lighting for safety and security, they may be adding to their house or installing new appliances and lighting, and of course, there are the occasional breakdowns that only an electrician can fix.

In addition, power failures can be annoying, and if you run your business from home, they could affect you seriously. Consider installing a backup generator with our help.

If you look around and ask around, you’ll find that our Atlanta electrical repair company have a strong reputation. We got it by paying attention to our customers and doing technically and aesthetically excellent work. But we don’t just relax and say we’ve made it. Instead, we treat each new project as an opportunity to affirm and strengthen our reputation, and you may be sure that you will receive nothing but the best service from your locally trusted electricians in Atlanta. If you happen to live in Columbus Ohio, then electricians at can help you with any of your electrical repair needs!


If you can save on energy costs, that money goes straight into your bottom line! We help businesses with a wide range of energy saving technologies that can really make a difference to their overheads.

You also need to think about safety and health. Is lighting good enough in corners such as parking arcades and stairwells? Are the offices lit well enough? Is there emergency lighting if the business has to be evacuated after dark in a blackout?

Whatever your needs, our electricians are here to make the provision of your electrical service needs easy and competitively priced.

When you need electrical contractors in Atlanta, call us first!


We are equally able to service larger industrial manufacturing concerns, research labs, hospitals and the like, with short turnaround times and the installation of such necessary equipment as fire warning systems.

With all the attendant danger and cost involved with electrical installation, maintenance and repair, it is vital that you choose the correct local electrician to service your needs. We hope that the tips we have given you, and the advice we supplied, will go a long way in helping you to select the best electrician in Atlanta, Georgia. We are standing by to give you all the help our highly trained and qualified staff can offer. We have all the required licenses as well as being fully insured against any eventuality and we offer a comprehensive guarantee on all work performed.